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PPA ID Camp Seminars

Note:  The ability to have in person seminars in the summer of 2024 will be determined by public health conditions at the time of the camp. We’re hopeful they will be able to be live and in-person, otherwise they will take place virtually.

What separates PPA from many others is the attention that is paid to providing our student-athletes with the complete recruiting and college soccer picture. Every day at PPA there is at least one different seminar that is designed to better assist high school athletes with their transition to college. Our seminars consist of daily sessions that educate the student-athletes about the complicated recruiting process and the competitive level of college soccer. The seminars include:

Flexibility, Yoga and Recovery

We welcome Chloe Danitz as our second “Director of Flexibility, Yoga and Recovery”. Chloe has spent the past five years working closely with PPA and Amherst College Men’s Soccer team. Chloe will oversee a staff of yoga and flexibility specialists at each of our sites to help the student-athletes prepare for each day of training as well as teach them how to use stretching and yoga to recover after a hard training session or game. We have received overwhelming feedback to make it an integral part of each of our camps. So we have! Just another reason why PPA is a step ahead over all other camps!

Speed, Agility and Quickness
Train with a professional strength and conditioning coach during two different sessions. Players are asked to participate in numerous exercises that many pro and college teams use as part of their training.

College Soccer and Recruiting
College coaches present and provide general institutional information about their school and soccer program. Players learn about the scouting and recruiting process as well as what it takes to be a successful college soccer player.

Being a College Student-Athlete
Current college players speak about their experiences coming out of high school and now as collegiate student-athletes. A question and answer session helps give the high school players some ideas about marketing themselves, picking the right school and managing their lives in college.

College Admissions
Many topics are discussed by a college admissions representative including the application process, what schools are looking for in a student, tips on interviewing, and ideas about essays. It is a great opportunity for all the young men to get inside access to the entire admissions process.

Life Skills
This seminar is about a valuable topic that will educate all of the players on issues related to personal development and life. Some of the past presentations have been about sportsmanship, community service and leadership.

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